• 'Peace on Earth Babies' Card Set

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    Set of 3 original cards with the iconic image of two babies, One Black and one White and a simple plea for peace.  This card and image went around the world (literally) over 50 years ago.  Ask your Grandma or Aunt if they remember this card; I remembered it + it was considered 'radical' at the time.

    "Even if you're sympathetic with it's message, you have to be aggressive about your beliefs to send this card."  (Terry Evenson, Hallmark Card Shop owner 12//23/69, The Minneapolis Tribune).

    It was designed and marketed by Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Borowski, one of the few couples who found an answer to the self-imposed question, "What can we do," after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968. (from above source).

    The Borowski's were from Minneapolis, MN.  The murder of George Floyd, launched the largest civil rights movement since the 1960's; a couple miles from the Borowski's.  May their message and commitment speak to and inform our actions today.

    We are offering these cards in collaboration with Nora, the owner and preserver of the original art, rights, archives and remaining inventory of original cards + a social justice activist.  

    The message, image, history, copy and story of the Peace on Earth Babies seems made for our current times.  Thank you Nora for sharing them with us.  Who knows what inspiration will come from them, at this just-over-50 year anniversary of the Peace cards.

    The Peace on Earth Babies image was made into a variety of products including puzzles (shown + not for sale), posters and additional card styles and copy.

    The proceeds from the sales will go to preserving the archives, reimagining the message for our times + new products + conversations + to sustain the story.  Set of 3 cards, $15.00.

    (All images are copyright )


    • relevant, timeless message
    • timely, beautiful art + copy
    • original cards from 50 years ago
    • promotes self reflection and action
    • packaged in clear cello envelope
  • 'Peace on Earth Babies' Card Set
  • 'Peace on Earth Babies' Card Set
  • 'Peace on Earth Babies' Card Set
  • 'Peace on Earth Babies' Card Set
  • 'Peace on Earth Babies' Card Set
  • 'Peace on Earth Babies' Card Set

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