In 1999, bath salts, our first product, was packaged in a recyclable, 50% post consumer fiber eco-shipper mailing envelope purchased at AXMAN, a local surplus store.  We based our company on reusable, practical items, with recycling in mind.  


Our stewardship habits include:

  • zero or minimal item packaging 
  • recyclable paper packaging 
  • we reuse cardboard boxes for shipping and reuse packing material from a variety of sources
  • our products are practical + reusable + some are recyclable
  • many items made in USA + some locally made in Minnesota
  • all our glassware is printed locally
  • most shipping is done through the US post office (the post office delivers to every address in the US already, by shipping through the post office we are not contributing to the increase in delivery vehicles in a neighborhood)

We can improve.  We are going to increase the number of products made in the USA and decrease the number made outside USA.  

In our home lives we believe in + practice stewardship by limiting our purchases of all products and increasing what we make for ourselves.  This includes making our own laundry soap + beeswax candles + growing vegetables.  We use minimal electric appliances, replaced our drier with a clothesline and enjoy using cloth napkins at the dinner table.

Our practices were instilled by our grandparents +  the 1970's emphasis on conservation of resources, recycling and reusing + Earth Day's 'Walk for Mankind'.  Our grandparents and parents were natural born stewards - they reused anything that could have a 'purpose'.  We learned bread bags can be washed and used again + turn out the lights when you leave a room.  We are interested to learn from others about their stewardship practices.