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    Set of 12 post cards.  Perfect for penning notes to friends or suggestions to legislators. The time is always right for straight talk.  6 citizen/activist cards and 6 citizen/friend cards.  

    Citizen/friend cards are 6 of "ladies" (photo) printed on 3 different background colors. Citizen/activist cards are 2 each of I VOTE (photo), Rise to the Occasion, and Take Note and Vote.   Only 2 designs pictured.  Made and printed in USA.


    • I VOTE 
    • Take Note and VOTE
    • Rise to the Occasion
    • Iconic Smart Women ladies
    • stay connected to friends with quick note
    • great for postcard writing campaigns
    • retro-vintage design
    • 4.25" X 5.75"
  • Post Cards
  • Post Cards

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