• Shelly Bean the Sports Queen Makes History

    'Shelly Bean the Sports Queen' book series for girls was a long time in the making.  Making history for Shelly Boyum Breen started with a lack of girls sports stories in books.  

    *"When I was in elementary school, I vividly remember the Scholastic book order form and the excitement I had to put in an order. 

    As the only girl in my class that played sports, I, like the most of the boys, gravitated to books about the football, hockey and basketball.  But never in the choices listed was there one about girls playing sports – no one who looked like me.  But I did play and continue to throughout my life."

    Shelly went on to play many sports, become a teacher and coach, start a girls in sports foundation, and fulfill her dream of writing sports books for girls.  Thank you Shelly for connecting your experience as a girl with your skill and drive as an adult to create something for girls. For girls you will never meet.  

    Three girls you will (likely) never meet, Kaylen, Shannon and Ivy Mae received your books this week in the mail.  Inspired by my Mom's (their Great-Grandma) love for sports and her own dreams of speed-skating in the Olympics I sent the books to my great-neices. Their Grandma never skated farther than Powderhorn Park in Mpls because she contracted polio at 16.  These books were a great vehicle to honor her lifelong (maniacal, yes, I would use those words) enthusiasm for sports.  Thank you, Shelly Boyum Breen and Shelly Bean.


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