• The Power of a Simple Object + Message


    Dear Smart Women Company:

    "I received your marketing email with a photo of the "Smart women make changes" eraser, and it reminded me to send you an overdue thank-you note.

    That eraser was important to me.

    Eight or nine years ago, I was in a dead-end relationship, wasting time, but not really motivated to change anything. I saw the eraser and, aside from the charming styling, something about it spoke to me... at the time I didn't even quite realize why. But I still put it front and center on my (paperless, pencil-less) desk, and those two serious cuties looked me in the eye every day.

    Eventually the message got through. I broke up with the guy before my thirties passed me by, found someone better for me, got married, yada yada happily ever after.

    So - thanks for the message. I hope someday to grow up into the political message it also holds, but for me at the time... it was personal, and helpful.

    Thanks for that!"



    Thank you, J.

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