• Order Shipping + Job Security?

    Janice has a new grandson (Finley), Pam's niece turned 1 last week and Leslie is taking a vacation tomorrow.  This is why I stand in line to ship packages at the local post office.  Over time, seeing the same familiar faces, one makes an acquaintance and sometimes even a friend.  It may be time-saving to buy postage on line and have orders picked up by the post office.  But it is not about time. It is about face-to-face transactions.  It is about sharing our family information for a few minutes while we tend to our transaction.  It is showing up and by showing up saying 'your job is important'.  The 'post office people' know when my Mom is in the hospital and I know when their parent's passed away.  Maybe the best way to keep our own jobs is to help others to keep their jobs.  Maybe it's old school but if more people stood in line for others' jobs (to keep a job, not take a job) we might have more friends + less unemployment.
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